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Companies and business owners that sell their products to major superstores end up paying thousands of dollars for product placement. Why pay thousands when you can achieve the same results for a fraction of the cost? Here at YURZ, our marketing experts can work with you every step of the way to improve search engine rankings for your business.

Let YURZ keep your Google Analytics report booming with high-volume traffic through our leading search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, opt-in email marketing, and social media marketing. What exactly is SEO? It is the process of increasing the organic ranking of your business with leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo. A smart and effective SEO strategy can guarantee that not only is your product or service going to be seen, but it will always be one of the first few that people will see.


What is Search Engine Placement?

Search Engine Placement is the online or digital version of storing your product at eye level so that it’s the first product a customer sees. Not only will a customer view your product or company, but SEP allows for your brand to be one of the first services to be seen. You many be familiar with companies that sell their products in a store for thousands of dollars for this specific product placement. With SEP, you can achieve these results but at an efficient cost and a more productive outcome. In a nutshell, SEP combines the art and science of utilizing a target audience and driving traffic to a website. This is done through the arrangement for a website to be placed in a pre-defined position within most search engines.


Why Do I Need Search Engine Placement?

Search Engine Placement is necessary for both improving one’s site and saving time in order to focus on what’s important. While social media can drive some volume and customer traffic, search engines are the most successful and popular mediums for internet users and online consumers. The benefit of using a Search Engine Placement is that your brand or product will gain: positive reviews of your site content or structure, technical advice on website development, content development, management of online business development campaigns, keyword researches and expertise in specific markets and geographies. SEP is also extremely cost efficient compared to other marketing mediums, will effectively grow your business and increase profits without taking you to the bank.


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