5 Big Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook

Everybody and their mom is on Facebook. 

In 2016, Facebook reported having 1.65 billion monthly active users.  This means that a lot of eyes grace the pages of Facebook everyday, giving your business an incredible platform in which to advertise. More than ever, companies big and small are choosing to have a Facebook Business Page, allowing them to implement all kinds of marketing tactics resulting in legitimate leads.


Reach the right people. 

Facebook makes reaching people easier than ever.  The people that are already following your page can be effortlessly reminded of what your business is doing.  If they check their Facebook, they see your posts—this is basically free advertising!  In order to reach audiences that aren’t already following you, Facebook now allows you to “boost your post” by hooking your business up with Facebook users that are within your targeted demographic.  These potential followers are found based on their location, and how they relate to the people that are already following your page.


Take customer satisfaction to a whole new level. 

Sure, online testimonials are great, but not everyone is always tuned into them.  Facebook serves as an easy place for people to find reviews of your services.  While customers have the opportunity to openly post about their experience on the business’s wall; you also have the opportunity to rebuttal.  This is a great opportunity to show how great your customer service is, and that you treat your customers well.


Keep getting those leads. 

First off, the more people that follow you on Facebook, the more traffic your website will get.  Be sure to post links to your site and any sub-domains in order for people to go directly to your home base.  Aside from increasing traffic, Facebook is considered one of the best research tools a business can have these days.  Gathering information from your followers can give you a great idea of what they’re interested in, and why they follow your page.  Your Facebook page also serves as a wealth of legitimate contacts.  To take advantage of these contacts, post regularly with incentives or call to action links in order to get even more contact information.


Stay relevant online.

In order to fully optimize your SEO, it’s important to expand focus to more than just your business’s website and blog.  Utilizing social media is a great way to improve your Google Ranking online.  The more times your business is mentioned online, the more likely it will end up at the top of internet searches.  To be clear, it’s not just posts that increase SEO- it’s comments, shares, updates, and even likes that make your business more and more relevant online.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to update your Facebook!