5 Great Digital Marketing Jobs That Didn’t Even Exist 10-15 Years Ago

Social Media Manager

With 75% of adults on social media these days, it’s hard to remember a time when checking your Facebook notifications wasn’t a part of your daily morning routine.  Now, there are quite a few people making a living off of managing social media accounts for public figures, businesses, organizations and more.  Social media managers do anything from writing and sharing posts, to creating innovative, original content for their various digital mediums.  Spending all day on Instagram doesn’t sound too bad, does it?



Digital Marketing Specialist

Before digital media became so mainstream, marketing was all done offline. Digital marketing encompasses many facets of advertising online, with anything from emails, to social media, to YouTube ads and more.  Because of the variety of tasks digital marketing specialists cover, there are plenty of job opportunities under the title’s umbrella.


Chief Listening Officer

The Chief Listening Officer, or CLO, is a rather new role that falls under the Digital Marketing Strategist position.  The CLO works with customers on a more personal, face to face level, based on activities he/she sees on the company’s social media and other digital mediums.  After assessing this customer communication, the CLO writes detailed reports on their findings in hopes to improve their relationships with their customers.



Creating unique content is essential to many businesses who are striving to have a strong online presence.  Blogging has become a great way for businesses and organizations to establish themselves as a credible resource in their respected fields. While blogs actually started showing up back in the ‘90s, they were seen more like a digital diary than a serious publication. Blog sites like Huffington post and Buzzfeed are perfect examples of Blogs that have gained major success.  Just think of all the jobs those sites have created in the last ten years!

 SEO Specialist

An SEO Specialist (or Search Engine Optimization Specialist) is perhaps one of the most important jobs in the world of digital media today.  Their sole job is to optimize the company’s search results online.  An SEO specialist strives to get their business on the first page of major search engines using strategically placed keywords.  This way, the company’s site can be found more easily online, and get more traffic to their landing pages.