Can You Guess the Ten Most Used Websites in the World?

People all over the world use the internet in their daily life. The world’s greatest search engines make it possible for people of all walks of life to waste their time watching ridiculously adorable dog videos.



In simplest terms, this is India’s Google.  In India, this is their most used search engine.  An interesting fact about this site, is that the number of women on the search engine are very underrepresented, while the majority of users are male.



This is China’s second most used internet search engine.  This site was founded in 1998, and was created to be a “one-stop online life service”.  The site is owned by Tencent, Inc. which also owns a list of various internet platforms.  QQ also has an instant messenger program boasting 990.0 million users.  Whoa.



Officially founded in March of 2006 in San Francisco, California; this social networking site features short messages or “tweets” that are a mere 140 characters long.   Twitter is so popular, that most people everywhere can instantly recognize its logo, the “Twitter Bird”.  Over the years, Twitter has become increasingly popular due to it’s tumultuous celebrity feuds.  Thanks, Twitter.



There’s a little something for everyone on  This website sells anything from makeup, to power tools, to toilet paper. The site caters to the individual consumer, and allows them to completely personalize their shopping experience.  Some great features include “one-click buying”, detailed product reviews, gift registries, a movie and television database and so much more.



Every high school student who put off writing their research paper until the last minute knows the magic of Wikipedia well.  Wikipedia is basically a free encyclopedia.  The catch? It’s updated by people that aren’t necessarily qualified to give such factual information; which is why it isn’t always the most trusted source. Pages can be updated rather quickly, making looking up current information quite easy.  While a lot of it is in fact correct, it’s wise to take everything you read on Wikipedia with a grain of salt, and not site it in any professional capacity.



This search engine was launched in March of 1995, from Sunnyvale, California. Yahoo is one of the most read news and media sites, with nearly 7 billion readers per month! In 2014, the site partnered with Yelp, Inc., allowing it to compete with the likes of Google.   Whoopee – I mean, Yahoo!



Baidu is the leading Chinese language search engine and was established in 2000. The site is known for its strong multi-media content, like movies and music. It was the first site to offer WAP and PDA-based mobile searches in China. Baidu Music, the sites premier music service, currently serves 150 million monthly active users.



Facebook was originally created by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard classmates in 2004. It was originally created for college students to connect with each other, but quickly expanded to one of the most successful social networks of our time.  People connect by becoming “friends” and can seamlessly share all kinds of content.  Everyone and their mom is on Facebook these days- even the biggest businesses have their own Facebook pages.



YouTube is an internet database of video content.  This site is revolutionary in many ways, but mainly due to the fact that it enables anyone to upload their own video content.  The site has opened so many doors for so many people, offering them an outlet to be creative. YouTube is great for looking up movie clips, music videos, and people doing really, really stupid things.  YouTube is a great way to loose four hours of your evening that you’ll never get back.



Ah, the crème de la crème of search engines: Google. Google is the most used search engine in the world, and features unique search technology.  Through keywords and operators, people can access billions of web pages, including accurate image searches. Google’s extension sites are virtually endless.  There’s Google translate, Gmail, Google Chat, Google Adwords, and so much more.   Google is also known for treating their employees very well, and features extremely accommodating (and seriously awesome) offices.


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