Coachella Proves Social Media to be the Most Powerful Advertising Tool

Music festivals have been going on long before social media took control over the world. But today, the the two truly go hand in hand.  As Coachella 2016 fast approaches, social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope are gearing up for the insanely popular event. If Coachella proves anything (aside from the fact that crocheted crop tops are back in style), it’s that social media has become more influential and seemingly necessary than anyone ever imagined.


Since Coachella began in 1999 as a two-day music festival, it has evolved into a two- weekend music and arts festival with over 80,000 attendees.   To say social media played a large role in marketing the festival is an understatement. Thanks to this publicity, Coachella has become somewhat of a culture; the music, the art, and even the clothes people wear are widely publicized and recognized nationwide.


Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are perhaps the most influential social media outlets at Coachella. At past Coachella festivals, guests would each receive a wrist band that was linked to their Facebook account.  This connection not only entered them into a raffle, but it automatically checked guests in on their Facebooks; because to actually take the time to log in to Facebook, and click the button to check-in, just takes too much effort when you’re racing to the stage Calvin Harris is performing on.


While Facebook serves more as a festivalgoer’s footprint, Twitter acts as Coachella’s “information booth” of sorts. Coachella’s Twitter handle gives out useful information like where to park, and where the infirmary is (because sometimes the weight of that fancy feather headdress you’re wearing causes you to fall flat on your face).  Twitter also promotes Coachella’s activities to the people that are there, who may not know the events happening on the other side of the venue.


The use of Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram are crucial in creating conversation with other festivalgoers, and those who aren’t present. Another way for people at home to keep in touch with what’s going on at Coachella, is by checking their Snapchat feed. Festivalgoers can use pre-made geotags specially made for Coachella, or even make their own! People sitting at home can experience so much through these social media outlets that it’s almost like they’re there- a phenomenon humorously referred to as “Couchella”. Not only is this entertaining and much less expensive, but it’s a brilliant way for people to see what they’re missing; therefore, encouraging them to get off their butt and buy their tickets for next year’s Coachella. #FOMO.


Social media is a godsend for sponsorships.  Companies like Heineken, T-Mobile, and H&M will not only have booths at the venue, but will broadcast what’s going on through their various social media outlets. When these sponsors use the right Hashtags on their social media, this exposes their brand to more people that wouldn’t otherwise see their products.  This is brand exposure at its best.


Thanks to these popular social media outlets, it’s almost impossible to go through the day without hearing something about Coachella.  And for those who are bummed they can’t make it to the epic music festival this year, just watch Coachella’s YouTube Channel! Experience the amazing live music and stunning sets all while wearing pajama pants and stuffing your face with Cheetos; it’s a win-win.