Dare to Be Inspired by Some Truly Innovative Digital Marketing

It seems like every day, digital ad agencies are setting the bar higher and higher for themselves. It’s hard not to be amazed and inspired by some of the ad campaigns we’ve been seeing lately.  Below, are just five of MANY creative digital marketing campaigns of today.


Nivea Men, the male grooming line, has created an interesting App to help advertise their products. This app they call “Nivea Nose” can detect men’s body odor and warn them before it becomes offensive (hopefully the warning doesn’t come too late).  Studies have shown that men tend to have more body odor than women, but lack the brain area to actually smell it.  Based on this fact, Nivea created a phone app that when paired with a special phone case, that can actually smell a man’s arm pits. This app is perfect for those dudes that are slowly loosing their friends, and can’t figure out why.

 Mother New York

This past Mother’s Day, Mother New York launched an ad campaign to remind the city of the amazing things mothers do for their families.  Instead of going the sappy route, Mother New York displayed the more honest – and frankly, more hilarious- ways Mothers sacrifice for their kids. Because nothing screams “love your mother” like instilling a little bit of guilt.

Pay Your Selfie

Admit it- you indulge in the casual selfie or two (or twenty, for those whose last name rhymes with shardashian).  Believe it or not, there is actually an app that offers to pay you for your selfies. That sounds great, so what’s the catch? This app prompts its users to pose with certain products to take selfies with; resulting in extremely cheap advertising.  It also serves as a great way for strategists to study when and how the products are used for marketing purposes. Fun fact: the app revealed that many people tend to brush their teeth between 4pm and 6pm.

Polar Beer

This Brazilian beer is only sold in Rio Grande do Sul, and needed a fun, captivating way to advertise.  It created a beer cooler that  also serves as a cell phone nullifier.  The point of it, is to make the bar patrons sitting around it, not be able to use their phones and actually be in the present moment, and enjoy the beer they’re drinking.  The campaign is the ultimate irony: technology that actually blocks technology! And you get to drink beer, so it’s a win-win.


Perhaps 2016’s most innovative digital advertising campaign, was Geico’s “skippable” pre-roll ads. As most people know, ads that come on right before an online video  have five seconds of content, before you have the option to skip over it  (unless you want to sit through the entire thing).  Geico played with this idea of annoying pre-roll ads, and turned it on its head.  The ad gets its copy in the first allotted few seconds, then freezes;  allowing the viewer to skip ahead.  However, there’s definitely some interesting activity going on that you definitely don’t want to miss.  The ad campaign even won Ad Age’s 2016 Campaign of the year.  Aren’t impressed yet? Let the ads speak for themselves.