If You Market Your Business On Social Media, You’ll Love These Helpful Apps

There are thousands of businesses that market themselves on social media.  Anything from well known brands, to small businesses, and even famous personalities consider social media to be a huge part of their marketing campaign.  Thanks to social media’s popularity, many apps have been popping up to businesses market themselves more easily. Below are five (although there are many more) extremely helpful apps available to those who digitally market themselves or their businesses.    



Instead of updating posts one at a time across all social mediums, this app allows you to schedule them ahead of time.  This way, you can reach an optimal amount of people, and don’t have to waste hours of your time individually visiting all your social media outlets.

 (Bonus: Bundlepost is another great scheduling tool, but also implements hashtags and keywords into your posts, making them even more effective.)



Sometimes, you find yourself posting something for the second time, or need to reference something you’ve posted in the past.  Instead of doing a mind-numbing search through all your social media accounts to find what you’re looking for, Edgar finds it for you! It’s not uncommon to repost something in order to ensure that as many people are seeing it as possible — and Edgar does this effortlessly.


Brand 24  

Do you ever wonder what your competition is doing on social media? Brand 24 gives you that extra edge you need over your competitors to ensure you’re getting the most out of your social media posts. Brand 24 informs you every time someone talks negatively or positively about your brand online- even beyond social media. The app allows you to bond with your clients by responding immediately to any commentary pertaining to you online.


Social Clout

If you’re an analytics junkie, you’ll love Social Clout. Social Clout is an app that can detect where your marketing needs improvement. The app shows you your numbers in regards to engagement, campaigns, and keyword use. The app also keeps you up to speed with who your demographic is, so you can be sure you’re reaching the right people.



Nimble is great for connecting with potential clients.  Using multiple data sources, Nimble matches your business with current and potential clients, and gives you their detailed contact info. You can also sync the contacts you already have on your phone to the app for easy access.