Is Your Business Making These Detrimental Mistakes on Social Media?

Just because your company has a presence on social media, doesn’t mean it’s working to your advantage.  Social media should be helping your business, not hindering it!  Beware of these common mistakes businesses make when using social media.


You have social media accounts, but aren’t very social.

Your social media accounts should always aim at your target audience.  Any content you post should be interesting to those who follow you.  For example, if you’re a company that produces high-end cookware, posting pictures of cute animals probably won’t please your followers.  It’s important to stay in touch with potential brand ambassadors, and people that will share and support your company’s message.  Many times, supporters will tweet, snap, or post things that bring people to your business—don’t let them go ignored! Reach out to supporters on social media and thank them for any reviews or good words they post.  Be confident in your business, and don’t be afraid to be a social butterfly in the digital space.



Your social media isn’t in line with your business’s style and goals.

All of your social media outlets should follow your brand’s message and style.  Using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are all great ways to help strengthen your brand and establish your web presence.  In simpler terms, it should be obvious when looking at all your social media accounts, that they’re related.  If this isn’t the case, perhaps it’s time to create some clear goals for your business, and work on achieving them through all your digital outlets.




You’re not utilizing all social media has to offer.  

Different social media platforms have their own unique tools at your disposal to help enforce your brand online.  However, if you use these tools incorrectly, it can actually have damaging effects on your business.  Consider the hashtag, or “#”.  The hashtag symbol is designed to connect more people with common posts, resulting in more eyes seeing yours, and hopefully more traffic on your site.  If you use the hashtag on words that aren’t commonly used, no one will see the post — or the wrong people will see it.  Don’t hesitate to research hashtags before you use them, so that you know the audience that will probably view it.

Be sure to follow businesses that are relative to your brand.  If you’re supporting too many businesses online that don’t relate to you at all, you won’t reach the audience your business is intended for. This can be a huge waste of time, and will render your social media platform pointless.  Following the right people will result in more organic followers in return.



You’re not cranking out any original content.

 It’s important that people following your business find your digital content valuable.  If you are constantly posting second-hand content, it doesn’t really give you much credibility as a brand.  The more original content you produce, the more of an authority you’ll become on the subject at hand.