The Five People You Really Wish You Didn’t Follow On Facebook

There’s nothing like passing the time by doing some harmless Facebook surfing.  While Facebook can serve as a brilliant marketing tool for one’s brand, or just a great way to keep in touch with people you don’t get to see that often; it can also be used as an effective way to deeply annoy your friends.  Everyone who has a Facebook account has at least a few people that they really would rather not follow, but feel bad about cutting them out.

Multiethnic Group of People Socail Networking at Cafe

The Over-Sharer

While we all love to hear about a new baby being born, a fun vacation, and the fact that you’re finally feeling better after that flu that’s been going around; there is definitely some personal info we don’t need to hear about.  Many people feel the need to share their ENTIRE day’s happenings, including their anything but exhilarating trip to the supermarket.  Even posting pictures of that boring outfit they are packing for their weekend vacation makes the cut.  Some Facebook sharers even share their bathroom habits; now that’s something no one wants to hear about.

Endless vacation pictures, twenty-four pictures in a row of the dog running around the backyard, and countless selfies can sometimes deter people from going to your Facebook page.  Everything is fine in moderation, but some people just don’t keep that in mind when posting.

Scared that you may be a Facebook over-sharer? While it may be annoying, it’s your Facebook, and you can use it however you want to.  Just be prepared to loose some Facebook friends in the process.


The “In Your Face” Promoter

No doubt about it, Facebook is the perfect place to promote your business.  However, there is an art to it.  Too much exposure to your product than actually deter people from your product, simply because it becomes extremely annoying.  Instead of posting every day about the business, mix it up with other posts and pictures that relate to your product, but that aren’t direct advertisements for it.


The Spoiler

There’s nothing worse than logging onto Facebook before bed only to find out the Walking Dead you missed that night had its main character killed –  thanks for that, Karen.  Spoiler-posters feel the need to share every feeling they have about the shows they watch, and just can’t hold it in- even if that means ruining the awesome show for their friends and family.

If you simply CANNOT hold in your thoughts about that incredible Game of Thrones episode, or House of Cards plot line; perhaps starting a private group chat with your friends is the best way to go.  This way, you can talk about your favorite shows with friends that willingly want to hear about it.  Because no one likes the person who spoils their favorite shows



The “My Life Is More Productive Than Yours” Guy

Nothing beats mindlessly surfing Facebook in your pajamas at 11am on a Sunday…until you stumble across your friend from high school that just finished their 5th marathon and  managed to earn their second Master’s degree all before they turned thirty.  Talk about a downer. While we are all happy for those friends who accomplish a lot (we’re talking to you, gym selfie takers) , it’s hard to not compare your own life to theirs.

Due to Facebook and other social media becoming such a large part of daily life, people oftentimes feel bad about themselves because of the seemingly wonderful life people around them are living.  While it’s all great, sometimes brag posts are simply a piece of their life- it’s not that wonderful and productive every day.  Conversely, you may binge watch a show on Netflix and eat your weight in cheese for an entire weekend; but that isn’t a reflection of your life as a whole (and if it is, more power to you).  There are other days where maybe you volunteer at a charity, try an impressive workout regimen, or climb Mt. Everest.  Take these brag posts with a grain of salt; and realize they’re people too.


The Novelty Poster (That We Secretly Get Enjoyment Out of from Time to Time)

A novelty poster’s Facebook page looks like the place memes and cute cat videos go to die (videos like this one, or this one). It is here you’ll find great Hanukkah parody videos, and skate-boarding tricks that go terribly awry. These fun posts are great every once in a while, but too many of them can get a tad annoying.

Everyone falls victim to novelty videos- they’re a great way to escape work for a couple of minutes and have a good laugh.  But novelty posters should be careful not to bombard their friends with these videos.  Because even the funniest joke looses its oomph the tenth time you’ve heard it.