Ways Small Businesses Should Be Utilizing Digital Marketing

Small businesses are always looking for the best ways to stay afloat in a sea of big companies and their giant advertising campaigns.  But all hope is not lost! When small businesses understand the intricate ways they can benefit from digital marketing, their road to success will broaden significantly.


One of the most important things any digital campaign should have is a landing page.  A landing page is a place where a business displays all its basic information (phone number, address, product descriptions, etc.). Small businesses can increase their online traffic by having multiple landing pages.  A sure way to generate more leads  is by creating a space where potential clients are invited to leave their email address, or other contact information. This is known as a “call to action”.  This way, potential customers can be contacted with emails, specials, or any other vital information that could potentially earn their business.

Landing pages shouldn’t be limited to a basic page merely listing the company’s contact info.  A short term landing page can serve as a quick and fun way to gain new leads.  Such landing pages can feature a quick article, or even a free give-away.  These short-term landing pages are a very easy way to get potential clients’ contact information.


A huge part of making sure people continue to visit your various digital media outlets and spend a decent amount of time on them, is to work on producing interesting content.  Obviously, a company website is an ideal place for interesting content to live.  But small businesses should get creative in their content placement.  This can exist in blogs, Instagram , Twitter, and all kinds of other social media outlets.

For small businesses, it is important to reach out to potential clients, and create relationships with them.  Through various digital mediums, small businesses can communicate one-on-one with customers, and ultimately increase their customer retention. Small businesses should take the time to reply to comments made on social media sites, and respond to reviews (both good and bad).

Using outbound marketing is another way to directly reach out to customers.  Instead of waiting for leads to find you, go find them! This can be achieved through the use of Google Adwords, pop-up ads, and other digital strategies.  To stand out though, it is important for small businesses to customize their outbound marketing as much as possible.  Personalizing ads can be helpful to ensure people actually notice them, and don’t dismiss them as quickly.

Having a multi-digital marketing campaign helps small businesses compete with those huge companies and their larger than life advertising platforms. When small businesses put their time and money into digital marketing, the ROI is sure to be a strong one. According to some studies, digital marketing can help businesses generate better costs per lead than those that come from traditional marketing and even telemarketing.  Long story short:  small businesses who don’t take their digital marketing seriously, probably won’t be around for too long.