What Can You Learn from These Awesome Instagram Accounts?

While Instagram was created initially as a fun way to document your life through photographs, it has turned into an invaluable marketing tool for businesses to enforce their brand and garner brand ambassadors.  Below are six  businesses with interesting Instagram accounts that perfectly demonstrate the art of marketing a brand.




Oreo’s Instagram has 1.6 million followers, and averages 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments on a regular basis.  Why? Their fun, short videos and vibrant colors make their posts really stand out on the Instagram feed.  Just another fun way to keep a classic (and frankly old) cookie stay relevant today.




While Nike posts great photos and videos on their Instagram, they definitely don’t forget they’re still a business.  The Nike brand stays true to their call to action strategy on their Instagram.  Posts usually direct viewers to click on the link in their profile to direct them to the campaign’s landing pages.  Pretty smart, Nike.




This Australian skin care company is definitely winning at Instagram these days.  What makes their posts so special is the creativity they put into them.  The products are coffee based, and when used, create a freckled, spotted look that is pleasing to the eye in photographs.  The brand also has fun with their captions, making the posts even more fun to read.  Their clever hastag, “#letsbefrank” is a fun way to cultivate brand ambassadors in the digital space.




Califia farms is an all natural beverage company that has some of the most attractive packaging around.  This aesthetically pleasing packaging practically begs for its photo to be taken – making it perfect for Instagram.  Not only are their photos well done; they add playful, clever tricks to their posts making them really fun to look at.




When it comes to branding on Instagram, National Geographic has it down to a science.  They give their 44.9 million followers a total brand experience.  The photos are taken directly from their publication, helping the company to really stay true to their brand.




This famous ice-cream brand does a great job of telling stories with their Instagram posts.  Sure the photos make your mouth water, but they’re so artistically appealing, it’s easy to forget you’re actually looking at an ad.  The brand stays true to their original message of  having an easy-going, fun dessert, and really captures that in their meaningful posts.