What Makes These Brands So Successful?

There are many reasons why certain brands are so successful.  A good brand isn’t just a product–it’s a culture.  When a company gets their branding just right, it can leave a significant footprint in history, and in human culture.  A good brand should always speak seamlessly to their intended audience, be visually cohesive on all mediums, and be clear in the message they’re conveying.  The following brands are some of the most recognized in the world today, and will likely continue to withstand whatever the future holds.



 While this is basically an electronic brand, many would argue that Apple really serves as a lifestyle brand. The Apple brand caters to the tech-savvy millennial generation, with fun colors, upbeat music, and fun visuals in all their ads. This brand is made to look like it’s always on the brink of the next big technological discovery, and has its audience on the edge of their seats practically begging for the next big thing.




McDonalds is probably the first thing you think of when you hear the words “fast-food”.  The golden arch is one of the most recognized symbols in the world, and their restaurants can be found all over the globe.  This fast-food brand also carries a social responsibility, as it has an established charity, The Ronald McDonald House.  Between their catch phrase, “I’m Lovin’ it” and their extremely inexpensive and dependable menu; it’s easy to understand why McDonalds has become such a beloved brand.



This athletic brand is thought to bring out the inner athlete that supposedly is in everyone.  Their inspirational and edgy commercials  evoke feelings of dramatic intensity and excitement that go hand in hand with most sports. The brand has been endorsed by countless respected athletes, and often convinces audiences that they’re the authority on sports.




This seemingly timeless brand has managed to maintain a personal relationship with its audience.  Over the years, Coca-Cola has become part of human culture, and always adapts to every generation in one way or another.  Most recently, the company literally put people’s names on their bottles and cans, to bring the ultimate personal experience to to those who drink the ice-cold bubbly beverage.  Its original “share a coke and smile” motto still rings true today, and is a part of many people’s daily routines.



This major production company manages to pull audiences’ heart strings time and time again.  Their relatable characters, and beautiful graphics have become a film genre all their own.  Pixar is known for their extremely detailed process, and oftentimes take five years or more to produce just one film.  But perhaps it’s these films’ high quality production value that help make them so popular.